Marshall Arts

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hot springs nc
38 Bridge Street Hot Springs North Carolina 28743 US

At Marshall Arts, we promise to provide a “Guaranteed Kick in the Aesthetic.”  Marshall Arts Studios & Gallery, a Performance & Presentation Space, offers tours, gifts (driftwood message arts, books, much more), tarot, experiences, presentations, classes, performances and interactive learning.  Our bedrock principle is that art only makes sense if it makes a difference, which, more or less obviously, is only possible if the artist stands for something.  What we stand for is that the world makes sense, that our duty includes trying to understand it, and that we need to be talking with each other about whatever on this journey we discover.

People say, about our Driftwood Message Art- Homily Sticks & Ponder Panels- “Why, I’ve never seen anything like this before!”  Neither had we until we started churning it out.  People will be saying the same thing about visiting us, that it is unique and powerful, joining pretty things and pointed lessons, purpose and expression, learning and meaning.

We set up a booth on the corner of Bridge Street and Andrews Ave nearly every weekend during the warmer months.  We can let anyone who is interested know exact times. Also visit our instagram or facebook for where we will do regular updates.

In addition, those who would like to tour our gallery or have any other sort of Marshall Arts experience can contact us directly for a special appointment at our in-town performance and presentation space.  Email to or call 828-206-1660

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